CedriMartini Design Factory was born from two different design experiences, Andrea Martini from research in art, sculpture as a creative expression, Rienzo Cedri from industrial design, the different methods of visualization and three-dimensional modeling dedicated to jewelry design. Different experiences but a surprising coincidence of interests have made it easy to create products capable of fully representing both thanks to a design vision aimed at every area of design, starting from the creation of the materials themselves up to their application, from surfaces till furnishings and lighting.

An approach to global design that want promote the creation of objects with a strong creative content looking for a dialogue with the art to make them accessible not only functionally but also and especially emotionally. Our creations want to be strongly evocative and for this they find inspiration in nature, from the sinuous shapes of marine animals to the geometries of minerals, plants and insects. The passion for nature also pushes us to prefer solutions that respect it, thus avoiding, for example, the use of furs, marble in slab and wood, the latter used exclusively if they come from arboriculture. We also promote recycling through the creation of collections of materials expressly dedicated to their recovery.

We prefer to pay homage to nature by evoking its beauty through our creations than through its destruction. The strictly artisanal production philosophy of each of our creations also wishes to create objects that accompany us in our existence. We prefer a production focused on the creation of small series and unique pieces to the idea of a serial and industrial product of rapid consumption.